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i am very new to arduino, and DIY electronics in general. I have some small experience with adding lights to the semi-truck that i work on. But that is pretty easy to what im taking on now. I have always wanted to automate my home, since i was a teenage, and now with the arduino i feel like i have a real shot to do it. SO i guess here is my question, please bare with me as it may be a few part-er. haha

i am using an arduino uno located in the US if that makes any difference at all

First off, what i would like to do is start out with controlling lights, just switching them on and off, but i dont want it to mess with the light switch functionality, most of these will be lights that you turn on at the bulb, desk lamps and the such, with only a few directly wired to wall switches, but i would like to be able to turn them on with the arduino, and then off with the switch, or vise versa.
im just unsure of what it is i need to make that happen, and most of my googling has come up with videos of people that have already done such things, but not so much how to do it

that is all for now, but as this project expands i will try to keep this thread updated, sorry if i formatted this message wrong or anything like that, any help would be appreciated at this point


The x10 firecracker (CM17A) is an easy to use device for controlling table lamps and similar.


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I did the same , made it with Android app and Arduino Uno. Check the source on AndroidModbus.com  X10 Domuino

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