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Hi Everyone,

I would like to record and playback 433.92mhz signals using an arduino uno.  I have bought the following transmitter and reciever:


I also have a network shield for my arduino as firstly I was thinking of doing all the processing and storing/receiving information on the backend in my raspberry pi with somthing like a python script and an sqlite database.

Has anyone already seen anything similar done?

This is the closest I have been able to find as an example:

Any input or ideas would be welcome.  I am still waiting for my Arduino to arrive.


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I did something similar:

It's just a POC and I'm not planning to develop it any further.


Thanks llukkari  :)

That looks very interesting.  I will check it out and give you an update once my gear arrives and I get a chance to try it!


You might find the capabilities of the receiver you mentioned to be limited.  I gave up on the very cheap ones and wound up with these receivers:

I found that dissecting the signals from random transmitters was possible, but a bit challenging.  Here's my writeup from the project I did:

There are other similar writeups for other weather stations and similar wireless doodads that I found when I was working on mine.  The biggest challenge I found was correctly reverse engineering the checksums.  In my case I could read and validate the interesting information without needing the checksum.  I think if you were recording and playing back, you could just play back the checksum without knowing how it's computed.


Hi gardner,

Sorry I took so long to reply. I am still waiting for my components :)  Thanks for your input too I will let you know how I get on!


I've did a similar project, recording analog sensor data for watering my garden. Just take a look at http://maslestorres.cat

But I'm process of updating the datalogger part with v2.0:

v1.0 - arduino UNO + XBee shield, tied via USB/serial to a computer with sqlite and a Objective-C development to save data in a Mac mini.
v2.0 - arduino Mega + XBee shield with RTC and SD + Display. Autonomous unit but when connected to the Mac mini saves data to sqlite. Objective-C code handling serial data replaced by a phyton script which is by far simple and powerful.
v3.0 - I'm just thinking about it... Raspberry PI with sqlite, but how to get XBee data ? Arduino Yún ?

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