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Paul Beaudet

Looking for potential collaborators!
Experienced and not.

JesterType is a project looking to bring typing efficiency to mobile devices.
Like current devices tablets & smartphones but the bigger target is wearable tech like having the device integrated into a smartwatch.

Idealistically the ultimate implementation idea would be a watch like wireless wearable EMG sensor array showing up as a HID on anything you want to interface with.
However, currently the design concepts of the idea are being tested with a simple 5 button keyer.
This has been done for the sake of getting the development on the map. Different hardware will be experimented with over the course of the project.
Build videos are in the works (might be a while)

Problems looking to solve:
1. Embarrassing, I admit, it was hard for me to learn how to touch type. This skill is hard for others as well. A good portion of the population still "hunts an pecks" because of this. Text based communication is vital to today's world! Why let it play second fiddle when we can make more accessible?
2. We have cool mobile devices but these are difficult to use for text centric work. Which is most work... I want to communicate and program on my android phone and tablet, quickly and efficiently!

I am well aware of the players in this space. Probably more so than most as I've been at it a for a while. Until I see something worth anyone's time that solves the problems I will push on with this project in some capacity.
The goal is something that is suitable for a mainstream audience but hackable to be adapted for those with special needs. 

Current capabilities- With the arduino leonardo,micro or usb lilypad (atmega32u4 based boards)

  • Chorded keying with 5 simple buttons

  • basic context based layout assignment (learn the user)

  • basic auto correction (suggested not really auto)

  • basic noise correction

  • composition context based formatting (will add a mode for coding and gaming in the future)

Serial debugging with other boards is possible, but its in rough shape right now.

Code- https://github.com/PaulBeaudet/JesterType
Forum/mailing list - https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/jestertype

I have abstained from the forums for a while because its not fair to push folks in to unwittingly helping with a big project their not in on.
Though forum members have already helped a bit like PeterH and I thank them for helping me get started.

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