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I am new to this forum. But i must say that i am really impressed with the way people are helping each others by sharing their knowledge.

I have a question related to a project (intrusion detection mechanism) that i have in my mind. To start with I have a small goal of intrusion detection for a room that is 10 X 10 feets in size.

I have purchased following:
1.Arduino UNO,
2. Ultrasonic distance sensor (http://www.simplelabs.co.in/content/ultrasonic-distance-sensor-hc-sr04) having range of 2cm - 500 cm.
3. Infrared Proximity Sensor (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/242) range of 5 feet away.

Please comment on :
1. what all other alternatives i can use.
2. Has any one already tried this project earlier.



Hi Saurabh, both of the devices you link to are really made for measuring distance, and
not so much for intrusion detection. You might check out PIR = passive infrared devices,


The items you listed can be used to detect changes at certain "choke points". Example: a doorway, window, etc...

Distance sensor could be used to measure distance across an entry point of the room. Then, when the distance decreases (due to door opening, person walking through) it can trigger alert?

These items could also be useful to "protect" a certain item or area in the room. Or, even attached to an item to determine if/when it is moved by someone.

However, for general, full-room intrusion detection, infrared sensors would be simpler. Whether a motion detector, or infrared "beams" which would be broken when someone moves past it.


You could use pressure sensors on the floor particularly near doors or windows. Microswitches could be used on the doors and windows as well. You could detect changes in sound and light levels, though these may be affected by external influences.

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