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Hi everyone. Firstly excuse my english. I have a project high torque stepper. Actually i'm an radio astronomer. I'm interesting in electronic circuits.
I have an Arduino Uno. i have PIC (16F877A) boards + 1.8" 34N108S-LW8 (2 quantity) from previous radio astronomy projects. Actually its an old radio telecope's parts (5 meter radius telescope).
This telescope not functional now. I want to setup and working full func. Before me, old tech. personel prepared  controller boards( PIC 16F877A with ULN2003A) for this telescope.
I'm want fresh setup. but i want handle this job with arduino not pic. there is questions that i want to ask you ;

1) Arduino Uno can handle this project ?
2) How i drive MySteppers  with ULN2003A ?
3) Must i use ULN2003A ??
4) How drives BIPOLAR Steppers ?
5) BIPOLAR steppers using H-Bridge ??

An extra thing. There is an adapter for stepper. 220V transformator to this adapter. Stepper cables to adapter. Combine all cables it. 5 pin for output controller. 

Here's tech. specs MySteppers


Those specs say the motor is 8-wire, and 2.7A for bipolar-series, 3.9A for unipolar and 5.4A for
bipolar-parallel connection.  Seems to be missing the winding resistance specification though.

That's a beefy motor, ULN2003A cannot possibly handle it!
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The easiest way to drive it would be in unipolar mode, using 4 mosfets. But you would get better torque out of it in bipolar mode. Also, I suspect that a stepper of that size probably needs a chopper drive to easily achieve high torque without overheating. If you don't require the maximum torque, you could use the bipolar series configuration and a A4988-based driver, readily available on eBay and adjustable up to 2A. You can also get higher current stepper drivers on eBay, for example this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CNC-Router-1-Single-Axis-3A-TB6560-Stepper-Motor-Drivers-Board-For-Axiscontrol-/300864638109?pt=UK_BOI_Industrial_Automation_Control_ET&hash=item460cee0c9d is rated at 3A and is also adjustable, so you could adjust it to 2.7A for your motors.
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The A4988 won't take 2A without exotic heat-sinking precautions, I suspect.
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