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I don't think Danish Customs pay much attention to that :D

I know that everyone knows that the "gift" label is bull but have you ever bought anything from eBay marked as "gift" and had the Danish customs open the package, estimate it's real value and charge you for it?

My experience with the Swedish customs is that they don't give a damn about letters. Guess they just x-ray and screen for drugs.
Maybe the Danish customs work differently.


I think they work in much the same way here in Denmark.
They probably think that small parcels and letters are not worth much, while packages are more suspicious.

The two times I have paid customs and VAT, it was relatively large and heavy packages.
And then they demanded to see the invoice/Paypal receipt

I think they also take samples too, but I do not know


On top of this the Danish Post Office are billing you 160 DKK (29 USD) for doing the paperwork.

then they demanded to see the invoice/Paypal receipt

Wow.. this is NOT helping to promote development and education in Denmark.

They should make at least < $100 US No Charge..
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Hi All
This is my first email here..
The danish post/customs do check even the smalest letters :-(
today i have one picked for control..this is no 4 they have taken out
and it is only 10$ worth and below 80 kroner(12.50$) they get NOTHING for their work Hi Hi Hi


I only have experience with Icelandic customs, they seem to go out of their way to make life difficult for you and they have the right to estimate the price of contents and tax it accordingly. There you also have to pay customs and VAT on gifts. 

I would try to get local source for all parts. It would work out cheaper in the end, and faster. Farnell and RS Components are good sources. On packages from within the EU you should not have to pay customs and VAT, (I might be wrong about that).

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