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Stepper motors don't use PWM. Did you mean DC motors here?

Either I didn't understand fundamental things or I was not precise enough:
I meant that the BigEasy-Drivers need PWM as input if stepper-motors are to be steered.I found an example http://bildr.org/2012/11/big-easy-driver-arduino/ where one PWM-Pin is connected to the BigEasyDriver inputs while the other input Pin is connected to a normal digital output (direction).

But if a steppermotor only needs two digital inputs, everything would be more easy because the Mega2560 has much simple digital pins.

Do BigEasyDriver need PWM-Outputs  for steering stepper-Motors?


I meant that the BigEasy-Drivers need PWM as input if stepper-motors are to be steered.

No, they don't. They simply need to be told step, step, step, at the right time. PWM is NOT the way to do that. That the example you liked to used a PWM-capable pin does not mean that it is using PWM. The two pins could just as easily have been reversed, with only minor changes in the code and NO change in results.

The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


now things seem much more clear to me.

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