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i'm looking at trying the emc2 arduino project, i need to drive two motors (airpax 4shg-060a 46s 6v 7.1 ohm 1.8/step). is there a replacement for (Mc3479) evidently it is out dated. what would be it's equivalent ?
i am looking at setting my motors like this page http://www.bristolwatch.com/arduino/arduino5.htm


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The A4988 is a similar chip in that you provide it with step and direction inputs. However, it is a lot more more capable that than the MC3479. The MC3479 wouldn't have been suitable for your motors anyway, because it is only rated at 350mA per coil.

The A4988 is a surface mount chip, however you can buy inexpensive A4988 boards via eBay, e.g. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A4988-StepStick-3D-Printer-Stepper-Driver-Reprap-Prusa-Sanguinololu-RAMPS-/281121600079?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash=item417427324f.
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From what I can tell your motors are 6 wire?  For chips like the A4988 just ignore the centre-taps
and wire them up bipolar.   You'll need at least 24V supply to drive those motors if they are 6V
in unipolar mode (they will be 12V bipolar, and you need voltage overhead for the chopper-driver circuit.
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that is what i needed to know thanks dc42 and MarkT, i is one make of the A4988 better than the other's i see there are several different make of boards on ebay?


Probably some are better than others (amount of board copper area devoted to chip heat-sinking
is important).  Some cheap deals on eBay may be of lower build quality...
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