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I've been thinking. If you want a lot of different projects all at the same time, you're going to need a lot of arduinos. So, rather than buying up a bunch of duemilanoves, it may be better to just buy a bunch of atmega 328 chips, program them with one board, and just swap them out into a breadboard when I need them.

That raises the problem of components for the breadboard version of arduino. I like compactness and I'd rather not have a bunch of components on the board if I could combine them. I've seen people that have soldered all of the necessary components directly to a chip, which I love the idea of. However, will there be any problems when I insert the chip into the main arduino board?

To clarify, I want to know if there's anything wrong with putting something along the lines of this:


into the arduino board where the normal chip goes, just to program it and then remove the chip for the project.


You can not put anything like that back in the Arduino board for programming.

The 'Arduino on a chip' has its own 16 Mhz resonator and reset switch so it would not work in the Arduino board.

You would need something like this:

to upload a new progam to it.

I bought one of them and a bunch of these:

For the doing what you are after.


Great, thanks. That's exactly what I was wondering.


Make sure get the USB mini cable ;). I use the same ftdi module. Also make sure it's got the bootloader already on the chip.

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