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i would LOVE to work in any music related projects.

i don't have much experience as an "electronics guy", but i am musician (my actual profission) and i have a passion for building things and a couple of ideas of things that would be cool to build but are completely out of my reach.
If someone is interested, just drop me a line!



What part of the world are you in?  Perhaps you can find someone local.
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i am in germany.

i am portuguese, but moved recently to Augsburg, not far away from Munich in Germany.
Yes, finding someone here would be the best, but still, i thought it was worth a shot to ask also here...


What did you have in mind?


things that are way out of my reach, like a Looper, or Interactive Music Devices, or even Devices to make Music over the internet (or any other kind of network), different kind of controllers (midi),...   oh, too many ideas, to little knowledge! ;)



I am at least on the same continent I live in France and so a neighbor in relative terms. I have built a few "music" related projects for other people. I play the bass, my youngest son is a music student and a guitar tutor in Wales, my eldest son is a music writer and MC in London, My daughter is a percussionist. Perhaps I can help you realise some of your ideas.

Cheers Pete.
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sure, i'm up to anything!  =)



If you could describe the overall concept you're after, this would be a help.  But I can tell you a long term project of mine.  I listen to 60's music and have messed about with recording.  What I'm investigating is a method for making recordings that sound exactly like a 60's recording.

I am at the same time looking to combine this with a gurilla style multi track recording method.  Suppose you or I come up with a song and want say, Horn section, 10 vocalists, rhythm etc.  It should be possible to get the tracks laid down on line no matter where in the world you are.  If there is a piece of software I can install on my pc and some audio hardware that I can connect to a mic or keyboard, for example.  I could lay down a track, post it so that the tracks and mix data are available for someone else to download, along with the music score.  So I may put down a piano part but I need a trumpet to play xyz notes from score.  They practice score, and record a track layer.  Then the original creator listens to it and so this song idea gets bounced all around the net with more tracks being put down by independant musicians and artists.  It is then mixed and formed online.

So supposing there was an independant film maker with ultra low budget wants a music score for video, it would be a way to put together complex compositions by a diversity of musicians and artists all around the world, each remaining in their locality.  This, I think would be a pretty smart project.

However, right now I am bogged down with the mundane task of trying to create a universal enclosure system for my electronic projects.  Enclosures are a serious problem which stops many good projects from happening.  Please see my posts entitled The Magic Candle under Gigs and collaborations.

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