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I have a LCD Screen Display type KD035G6-54NT-A1 that appears to have a serial interface as well as RGB. It's apparently a pretty standard 320x240 display that I got from a video advertising card. I have a minimal datasheet with pin outs and some timing diagrams so I may be able to figure out how to talk to it. But it'll be a big learning curve.
Has anyone here ever worked with such devices? I would really appreciate a head start. I don't have any real idea what I want do with it yet, maybe something kind of arty, but getting something to display is the first step.
I have an Arduino UNO but would get something more powerful if needed.
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The datasheet should tell you the ic that is controlling the screen, then you can do a search for "library icname arduino" & hopefully there is a library for your controller, otherwise you may be writing your own or ditching it & finding something easier.
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