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Are there any camera modules or shields for Arduino? If so I'm having trouble finding them. I have a project I would really like to use a camera and other shields and things for but before I start it I'd like a little help with camera modules and maybe even some links to tutorials on how to use them with the board.

Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from anybody soon. :)


There's the VideoExperimenter shield from Nootropic, which allows capture of low-res mono images.
However, it doesn't (IIRC) work with Megas.
The AVR isn't really suited to image processing though; too slow and too little memory.

Best to off-load the processing to an architecture better suited to images.
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However, it doesn't (IIRC) work with Megas.

True it does not work with Arduino Mega (and most of it's clones) but will work with the Seeeduino Mega
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If so I'm having trouble finding them.

Things that don't exist are often difficult to find.  (Actually, things that DO exist are difficult to find too, based on how few people have used Google.)

If you want to do something with cameras and/or images, chances are, the Arduino isn't the right tool.  What are you trying to do?
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