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Jun 21, 2013, 09:17 am Last Edit: Oct 18, 2014, 08:26 am by kas Reason: 1
Edit:    **  Current Versions  **

        - Joystick bluetooth Commander:     V5.2
        - AndroTest.ino demo sketch:             V2.0

         * New *   Code for Parallax Propeller
 (thanks twm47099)

       - Samsumg Galaxy Tab 4 users,
please look here

 scroll to the end of this message to get latest information

I developed an Android application that turns a smartphone into a virtual Bluetooth joystick.
The applications in the robotic field are endless: Home Automation, R/C cars, robotic arms and of course  balancing robots ;)

By default, the device transmits data every 200ms
Data format: [STX  X  Y  ETX]  
example: [0X02  0X2A  0X30  0X03]

The application is available (for free 8)) here
From you smartphone, access Google Store and search for "Joystick bluetooth Commander"

This demo Arduino sketch will parse data on the serial monitor, and control the pin13 LED
Code: [Select]
// AndroLED V5
// Arduino test sketch for Joystick BT commander
// LED control for buttons + joystick echo to serial monitor

//    ** deprecated, please use AndroTest_V13.ino **
//    see reply #181


The Hardware setup is rather straightforward, should you need additional info, just let me know


Updated Arduino sketch,
set Baud rate to default 9600
removed softserial
For sketch upload, don't forget to disconnect board TX from Arduino D0

Joystick Bluetooth Commander Version 2.3 is now compatible with Android V3.X and V4.X (Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean)

added   Serial.println("Bluetooth Commander simulation") in setup() for communication testing purpose

Joystick Bluetooth Commander Version 2.4

Four toggle buttons with visual feedback

Change Log and Arduino sketch modification: please refer to reply #51

Joystick Bluetooth Commander Version 2.5

Change Log: refer to reply #70

Joystick Bluetooth Commander Version 3.0

** major Upgrade **
Joystick Bluetooth Commander is now a full blown two way Bluetooth communication application
Arduino sends back a button status Byte and a user defined data Byte to be displayed on the phone/tablet screen (Bot battery level is a nice candidate)

Communication protocol has changed
Joystick data is now transmitted as an integer = 2 Bytes (Most Significant Byte + Less Significant Byte)
Your V2.5 Arduino sketch needs to be modified for V3.0

See full change Log at reply #74
Updated demo Arduino sketch at reply #90

Fixed link to Balancing robot for dummies

New Arduino demo sketch (V10.1)
Improve decoding algorithm, see reply #98

Joystick Bluetooth Commander Version 3.1
Maintenance release, see reply #100

New Arduino demo sketch (V10.3)                    << for Artouste   ;)
Bug fix, see reply #129

Joystick BT Plus  has been released with 6 buttons and 4 data bytes

The actual number of buttons and data fields is adjustable within the Option menu
Fields and buttons labels are fully customizable
See reply #165

Detailed info re Communication Protocol (send and receive)
See reply #154 & #156

Joystick BT Plus (6 buttons, 3 datafields)
Total RC Commander (video from IP camera)
are now available see reply #177

Joystick BT Plus (up to 6 buttons, up to 3 free format datafields) is now
                    - Joystick bluetooth Commander V4.0 -
and is available on Google Play as a free upgrade.

To allow text datafield, Communication Protocol has changed
Please use and adapt AndroTest_V13.ino demo sketch to your own needs  
 ** deprecated, please use AndroTest_V14.ino **
See reply #181

Communication Protocol for Joystick bluetooth Commander V4.x and Total RC Commander
now fully documented
See reply #188

A video showing tank control using Total RC Commander. has been posted in the Exhibition Section

This updated sketch features optimized timing and better transmission error management
Make sure your BT board is set @57600bps
See reply #210

See reply #212

BT boards types and configuration tools
See reply #227

Joystick bluetooth Commander Version 5.0 has just been published on Google Play

** Communication protocol has changed **    see reply #252
- Change log:   see reply #259
- Demo sketch: AndroTest V2.0      see reply #256

Joystick bluetooth Commander Version 5.2 now on Google Play
- Change log:   see reply #292
- Demo sketch: AndroTest V2.0      see reply #256

For my new project, I am testing a robotic claw using Joystick BT Commander


Jun 24, 2013, 10:39 am Last Edit: Jun 24, 2013, 08:22 pm by kas Reason: 1
I posted a pan/tilt project based on Joystick Bluetooth Commander, in the Robotic Section


I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" tablet and Arduino Uno. The X and Y values on the tablet screen don't display the position of the joystick and nothing is displayed on the serial monitor. How can I fix the problem?


Jun 24, 2013, 08:15 pm Last Edit: Jun 24, 2013, 08:23 pm by kas Reason: 1
Bluetooth applications are difficult to debug in Eclipse IDE, as Virtual Devices do not emulate Bluetooth activity
Actual debugging has to be made on a specific real device (Sony Xperia Mini)

I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" tablet

what is your tablet API level and display resolution ??

The X and Y values on the tablet screen don't display the position of the joystick

Make sure that options are as follow:
Data Range:   -50 to +50
Data display:    Joystick position
Data format:   STX and ETX

Are the buttons and the "not connected" string displayed on the tablet screen ??
Does the Joystick actually move when touched??
does it produce haptic feedback when this option is selected ??

nothing is displayed on the serial monitor

Your Bluetooth serial board may be still configured @9600BPS
please adjust  mySerial.begin(57600) to your specific Baud rate
Also make sure that your Bluetooth serial board is already paired with your tablet

finally uncomment
Code: [Select]

//        Serial.print(i);  Serial.print(": ");  Serial.println(cmd[i]);
and let me know the outcome

My specific configuration is working flawlessly
Should you have installed this application on a different device, please post feedback


Jun 26, 2013, 12:02 pm Last Edit: Jun 28, 2013, 02:00 pm by kas Reason: 1
I beleave you are facing two non related problems

- Communication with your BT card (your task)
check pairing, Baud rate, connection to Arduino (Menu/Connect)
I use a JY-MCU rev1.05 board
Onboard LED should be flashing when powered and gets solid red when connected
Connect TX board to RX (D0) Arduino

Above Arduino sketch has been updated to V5 (removed SoftwareSerial)
For sketch upload, don't forget to disconnect board TX from Arduino D0

- UI display on tablets (my task)
I will publish today on Google Play a new version insuring compatibility with tablets

Edit: Joystick Bluetooth Commander V2.2 is now available
Please make sure that application is configured as follow:
- Data Range  -50 to +50
- Data display   Joystick position
- Data format STX and ETX
- Refresh interval   100ms
- Button1 data to send    '1'
- Button2 data to send    '2'

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