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Hey guys,

I sell a semi-arduino compatible microcontroller designed to add lights and sounds to costume props:

I also sell the following kit to go with the board:

The kit uses a 12V module and switch module I sell:

The 12V module is used for the strobe in the above video.  It drives a 3W automotive LED bulb.  The switch module is used to trigger a 5V vibration motor.

You'll note that both modules have a servo-like input which supplies power, and has a signal pin which I can toggle to enable or disable the module.

I have run out of these modules, and I need replacements.  It would be much too expensive for me right now to get another 100 of each produced.  And as this is a product, I don't want to supply my users with some hacked together thing on a breadboard.  I'd also prefer something I don't have to assemble, as I just don't have a lot of time.

So far the only solution I've found for the 12V module is this regulator from Pololu:

It's not really ideal though.  For one, I would have to change my firmware because it currently drives the signal pin high when it's on.  And that's bad because then my user base will be fragmented and people who get these might burn them out if they update to the wrong firmware revision.   For another, the pins aren't really set up nicely.  There isn't a separate ground pin for the output, so to plug my cables into this I'd have to use long pins so the input could be plugged in on one side, and the output on the other.  Not the prettiest solution.

And for the switch module I found this:

Downsides are that I need to solder it together and someone said the polarity markings are backwards.  And there's no diode.  I'd have to add one.

So, has anyone seen anything which could be a cheap replacement for my modules and which won't look all hacked together when wired up?

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