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We have released the first version of the SIMPL toolkit for the Arduino at  http://www.icanprogram.com/simpl/arduino.self.html

The SIMPL toolkit exposes a Send/Receive/Reply (QNX style) messaging library.    A SIMPL application consists of two or more interacting SIMPL modules.   These modules can be written in any number of supported languages including C, C++, Python, Tcl/Tk or JAVA.   Message transport across network interfaces is encapsulated into generic surrogate processes.  The SIMPL toolkit was developed for Linux systems,  but has been used on MacOSX and Windows OS.   This Arduino release extends this SIMPL toolkit functionality to the Arduino device connected to a Linux server.

Have fun.   Don't hesitate to contact the SIMPL open source project if you have any suggestions/questions.

SIMPL project facilitator

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