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I have two questions about atmel SAM3X data sheet.
1) TC
I found the description follows, 37.6.2 32-bit Counter, " When the counter has reached the value 0xFFFF and passes to 0x0000". This must be 0xFFFFFFFF and 0x00000000. Am I right ?
2) PWM
These registers,"PWM_CDTYx PWM_CPRDx PWM_CCNTx", are figured as follows, bit23 throught bit16 seems not to be zero. But I read "Only the first 16 bits channel counter size) are significant.". First 16bits means bit15 through bit 0 ?



1) I can confirm that the TC counter is in fact 32bit so the data sheet must be a typo.

2) I'm not totally sure about those registers but I am pretty sure the sam3x registers start at the LSB so the "first" 16 bits should be numbers 0 through 15


Thank you, drm0hr.

I actually checked PWM on Due.
From bit31 to bit16 of PWM_CPRDx and PWM_CCNTx are ignored. It were always zero.

I hope ATMEL shows typo summary of SAM3X data sheet.

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