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I have started using Due recently and was sad to find that there is no Matlab support for this board.

However Matlab code generation does generate C/C++ programs from simulink models. I did this code generation and now I have a .c file and .h file.
The next step is to test the generated code by programming the due.

My question is if I have a .c and .h file how do I program the due with those two ? Can I use the ArduinoSDK to do that?? If not is there any way to program the Cortex M3 without using the ArduinoSDK ?



As far as i know, MATLAB/Simulink doesnt generate code directly for the due. The arduino has a lot of hidden initialization code that you don't see in the arduino IDE, which will all be missing in the autogenerated code. The generated .c file will also contain a main() function that will conflict with the already existing arduino main() function.

Regardless of whether you use the arduino IDE, atmel studio or some other IDE you will have to manually edit the generated code, maybe into a library that can be included by the preprocessor (i.e., #Include "library.h"). Personally, I usually just cut and paste some parts from the generated code into mine, like complicated math an array/matrix operations that I don't want to type by hand.

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