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So many times i see the same questions, i'm very sure people have trouble using search.
Is it possible to have a faq page pinned to each forum.

Many times i see people asking how to save power, & i always respond with a link to Gammon's page.

It must be possible to index topics & see which have been the most discussed & viewed, and set this as the basis for each faq?


People won't read. Look at Nicks sticky on every section of the forum. Use code tags. Do not cross post. And how many times do you see posts which violate those two pretty simple requests?
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That may be the case for a minority or majority, having somewhere to link to will save people who are helping from having to go through their records every time. It's easier to say see here ..... thank look at .... & ..... & do this ...., over & over.


The majority of people don't read the stickies.  Doesn't matter if it was a global announcement that flashed in red in the middle of the screen.  People seem to think that making a post, typing a 2 page report of their problem and then waiting for 1 day or 2 to get an answer that would have easily taken 30 seconds with a Google search.

Once you're around here for awhile, you will notice this.  If you're like most long term members here, have a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you have the answers for typed up and ready to copy and paste..


Is it possible to have a faq page pinned to each forum.

This is a joke, right?
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