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Hello guys,

Just wanted to know if its possible to use a 10.1 touch screen with arduino uno. I have one laying around .. fully functional with a bricked tablet that i have.

i will attach photos below, and if its possible .. any idea how to connect it to arduino ? and how would i know how much voltage it needs ?

Also i'm gonna attach a photo of the tablet, its in working condition i terms of hardware, but not software. i was wondering if its possible to make a use out its hardware parts, or do anything g useful with it .

those questions might be extremely noobish lol, but i'm new and just blown 20X4 LCD screen and an Uno board :'( .. I'm still learning :)

thank you



You will need a board with an rather powerfull ARM microprocessor and Touchscreen-controller. With the datasheet in hand for both, you can try to write a framebuffer that can push data out fast enough for that kind of display.

Arduino-use ? Forget it...

// Per.

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