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Hey everyone,

I got this LCD screen from a Hitachi radio. I would like to use it with the Arduino to test it out. First I need the datasheet, but I'm not even sure of the model of the LCD. The LCD is soldered to a PCB, and there is a little space between both, so I tried to read the model number, here is what I think I got:

PCD - 3710P3 - 04

I didn't find anything on google, and I'm not sure how to connect a 28 pin LCD Display to the Arduino. The LCD is not damaged, and I have all the wires that go with it as you can see in the pictures, so I think this is usable with the Arduino...

Any information and/or help would be much appreciated.


That is a custom made LCD display made specially for Hitachi, and it's only Hitachi that holds the manufacturing info, which is under NDA.

You could remove the actual glass LCD and drive it with a LCD controller, search forum for "Passive LCD display"

Either way, it is a LOT of work, and not worth it for a single display.

// Per.

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