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50ms changes a few things.

Unregulated output of the diode bridge at 50Hz has a period of 20ms.
At 50ms, that is 2 and a half sine wave, that is 5 peaks of unregulated waves.

Since it is only 5 peaks, the solenoid is not accurate timed when activated.

It will work for testing, but I agree with the others:
It is better to use a good 24V, for example by using a lower voltage transformer.
You can use that big capacitor, that's not a problem.
Or use a voltage regulator for 24V. Perhaps even a DC-DC converter.


The raw pulse period (unsmoothed) is 10mS.  If your solenoid is a high speed unit and can adequately respond to very short pulse periods then there is every chance it will pulse ON then OFF twice during your 20mS pulse period.  Therefore you do need to smooth the DC.  a simple 24volt regulator, with flyback diode protection on the solenoid should suit your needs.  However the regulator needs to have an input rating in excess of 40 volts.

Life would be simpler if you could find a transformer with 17 to 18 volts AC output, and build up from there.

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