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During this year's spring, I saw several of the red insects on the second picture. They seem to be the ones causing the damage in the first picture. Some were mating, and I found patches of eggs under some leaves. The black stuff (picture three) is the larva. So, can anyone help me identify the name of this insect, so I can deal with it easier?

Louis Davis



Thank you! No wonder I only find them on my lilies!


This creature's worst attribute is apparently they are vegetarians and prefer lilies.  I guess we should kill them.  :)
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on my lilies!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself :


I have noticed in the UK there are a lot more of them about this year.


The Scarlet Lily Beetle is indigenous to Europe and Asia, so unfortunately it doesn't have any predators in North America. The European parasitoid wasp was found to reduce beetle population, so there's on answer to saving our lilies! But that brings up the question, do we want bees or beetles? At least the bees would pollinate the lilies I guess! :)


This subject is typical of why I love this forum!  XD
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