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Hi all,

I have started working on the TR-9090 project. I was wondering if anyone could give me some direction regarding using an Arduino board to create a preset interface for it. The idea is to have a computer based step sequencer to trigger the TR-9090 through midi, but i would like to take it one step further and integrate the hardware with my computer even further. Is Arduino a suitable platform to communicate the data necessary. From what I have understood through some reading I would need to replace the potentiometers (of which there are 31 on this project) with digital potentiometers and control these through a microprocessor. Having physical control is not a must for this project but would be an added bonus so any advise on how to possibly integrate endless encoders would also be welcome.

Here is a link to a website with any and all information regarding the TR-9090 project that might give some additional insight into what I am working on and which, if any Arduino boards would be most suitable for this task as well as some advice on how to go about it.


Please excuse me if I havent worded some of the terminology correctly but I am new to this side of the DIY world, having only worked on a few electronic projects. The idea of creating this interface between the analogue and digital world is a potential thesis idea, granted it is deemed possible.



Here is a link to a website

Where? No link there, unless it's invisible.


Website added! Cant believe i forgot to paste it in. My bad.

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