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can arduino perform integral calculus ??? how to do it?? is there a library to do that???


Depends what you mean by 'perform integral calculus' but if you mean can it generate a formula for the solution of an integral equation then the answer is no.

However, if you (the programmer) solve the integral calculus to generate a formula for the result and reduce it to an arithmetic expression, the Arduino can evaluate that expression for specific data sets. Alternatively, if you want to integrate a sequence of discrete values then the code to do that is also simple.

The question would be much easier to answer if it was less vague and more specific about what you want to achieve.


then can u mention a microcontroller to do integral calculus???? its important to mention in my research project that the microcontrollers that can perform integral calculus functions.... thans


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Any microcontroller can provide an integral calculus.




Does the Arduino provide native support "integral calculus" through the Arduino programming language? No.

Can you find a library that someone has already written to do this? I don't know, but I would guess someone out there has done it so it's worth looking for.

Can you program your own library, or your own functions to do it? Yes. As someone has said, finding discrete integrals is really pretty simple with just about any programming language out there.

I would seriously doubt there are any microcontrollers out there that support it natively. Heck, even supercomputers rely on software to do that for them.


its important to mention in my research project that the microcontrollers that can perform integral calculus functions.... thans

Then it's important that you understand what it means when you say 'perform integral calculus functions'. What do you think it means?


To further clarify PeterH's point:
Do you you mean numerical integration? To *evaluate* an integral under some set of conditions? i.e., "trapezoidal rule" (My HP-41 can do that!)


Do you mean to input the symbolic math notation and have the micro solve the integral in symbolic math notation, like Maple?


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Very few languages can do any kind of algebra. Statements such as a=b+c in c/c++ in the vast majority of programming languages are not related to algebra.



algebra statements such as a=b+c in c/c++

That's not an algebraic statement. It's an assignment statement.

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