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I found something strange maybe, i tried the example hello world on arduino mega with the lcd keypad shield from dfrobot and when i put 3 "!!!" on the print the is a bug and i can't send code to arduino, 2 "!!" walks but not 3. Is it normal?


Yes, it's a bug.

There are improvements made to the bootloader of the Mega.
You could try to write the bootloader if you have programmer (or Arduino as ISP) using the ICSP header (the 6 pins).


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Of course, you have to ask yourself why you would ever put more than one exclamation mark in a print.
AFAIK, the only legitimate use of more than one identical consecutive punctuation mark is for ellipsis...
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i didn't rode in the arduino documentation it was forgiven to use 3 times ponctuation mark. I post it more to help people if they got the same problem because i found it i share it that's all. Answer to answer not to help! Ask yourself why you answer my post!


Ask yourself why you answer my post!

You did something useless that caused a problem. There is no valid reason to use three or more exclamation points in a row. Doing so is a documented issue. It triggers debug mode in the bootloader of the Mega. So, don't do.

Sure, it's exciting to get something to appear on the LCD, but the LCD knew it could do it, so it doesn't get all excited about doing its job.

So, why ARE you using three !!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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