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I want to use Arduino to control the voltage to an externally powered strip light (like a dimmer switch), is this possible?




the question is what you wanne dimm? in general you can use the pwn 0 - 3 (digital Output 9 / 10 / 11) to send diferent Voltage between 0V and +5V. SO you jsut need the right components to bring this singal on the right voltage and power.

If you just wanne controll LED or Lights with low voltage you could use a power transistors( i think there name was something like N-channel Power transistor).

If you want to control normal light (220 V up to 1kw) you have to bild your own little power unit. You can find a nice one at
but take care, don't burn your self and use some protect switch (circuit breaker / FI Schutzschalter).

i hope i could help you


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