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1. Long menus still disappear off the bottom of the screen (i.e. File/Sketchbook with lots of sketches). This was fixed in Erwin Ried's 1.0.1.h - which contained many other nice improvements.
2. Selecting near the top or bottom of the page causes the page to shift up or down a few lines and you loose where you were selecting. Sometimes this causes you to select the wrong place by mistake and screw up.  Was this supposed to be a benefit?  What a pain.
3. Window size and position on screen has to be adjusted on each start-up.  See the Microsoft Learning Basic Windows Design Guide 101.
4. Serial communication with the USB port is still very buggy.  During editing and testing you often need to unplug/re-plug the USB a few times or cycle power on the Arduino or re-start the IDE to get the USB port working again.  Another big pain!  Its time someone smarter than me fixed this.

I tried 1.0.5 then deleted it and went back to Erwin's 1.0.1.


There is ERW 1.05 now that is better although no perfect.


- It would be nice to have only one Arduino IDE for every board. I know the IDE 1.5.2 is still under development (beta), but having 1.0.5 and 1.5.2 at the same time, it just don't make sense.
- Some libraries made for 1.0.5 does not compile with IDE 1.5.2, that means some libraries are just not suitable for DUE board because different IDEs
- hardwareserial (.h, .cpp) from IDE 1.5.2 is not compatible with hardwareserial (.h, .cpp) from IDE 1.0.5.
- Serial.flush() command is making big problems (in IDE 1.0.5 and in IDE 1.5.2). Here few topics about this problem: Topic1, Topic2
- IDE 1.5.2 does not support different parity and stopbits selection like in IDE 1.0.5. Command: Serial.begin(baud, NOparityandstopbitsforIDE1.5.2!).

Hoping for an update 8)

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