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I have bought some nrf24l01 with PA+NLA named XL24L01-d003 they have a normal 8pin SPI connector plus one 2 pin connector.
My question is: what is this 2 pin connector for?



Thanks but I asked the vendor for three weeks ago. - and I just get this answer: "Hello,these two pins are used for fixing and not need to be connected with electrical wire". Then we all know this.


Usually called a "Test Jumper"

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Just to help anyone who finds this post (as I did) looking for an answer, I can tell you that one of the pins does tie to ground.  So be careful about that :).  Its the pin closest to the main header.


Maybe are double GND and VCC reply pins...
Other are classic CE CSN SCK MOSI MISO IRQ GND VCC so 8+2=10!  :D


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