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I'm doing an experiment where arduino is a midi sequencer. I don't have the hardware to build an actual midi port yet so I'm just using Max/MSP as my midi output.

I see that every serial function writes ascii FOR EACH PLACE! Is this how serial/midi interfaces around the world work? Why send a byte each for 9 and 0 when you could just send one byte for 90?

So what will my synth actually be looking for when I start sending messages to it? Will I use printHex()?



can't you use printByte() ?

printByte(90); // in your case


or am i misunderstanding you?


i may correct myself :-)

as of arduino version 0004 we have a new serial function

use serial.print( 90, BYTE); instead.

i must admit that i have no real experience with the new version yet. but that's how it's documented.


Capital 'S': Serial.print(90, BYTE);

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