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I need to attach a gamepad, joystick or steering wheel to my Due. I found example sketches of Joystick usage for the USB Host shield for pre-Due Arduinos. I already wrote some bare USB host driver on another CortexM4 chip, so I'm familiar with the lower details of USB.

What I'm looking for is a hint on the difference between the Due USBHost stack and the one of the USB Host Shield regarding USB HID devices. I assume the mouse and keyboard drivers in the Due are using the hardware in HIDBoot mode, but unfortunately that's not an option for game devices.

Is there anybody with Host Shield experience and a Due as well?

I most certainly need to extend the HID class. Also my joypad has a mode switch with an LED that only works with an attached host driver. I checked that with a portable USB battery. Obviously getting the basics working without interpreting every payload correctly is an easily verifiable task.

My reason for this adventure is to remote control my roomba, an rc boat and maybe some time in the future a plane or copter. I already thought about ripping a gamepad apart and reading the analog sensors with a Mini or the like. But I'd rather like to experiment with different controls attached via USB. The joystick has ForceFeedback, this would be really exciting to use with any drone equipped with motion sensors.

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