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iam doing a project on closed loop speed control of DCmotor. Intially i tried running motor with L293D driver and chaged its speed (open loop) by PWM method. I want to check the speed of motor. One hall effect encoder was attached to the motor. iam new to the encoder

can anyone suggest ideas or sample programs relating to it( i want to vary the the spped by potentiometer and see its speed by serially or LCD interface)



Well first we need to know what you've got - information/datasheets on the motor, controller and encoder would
be useful, together with how you have wired them up (or intend to).
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Thanks for reply

We are using GM12-N20VA-09220-1000-EN motor from TT motors, China. The motor has two hall effect encoders mounted on the back shaft. Each encoder provides three pulses per rotation of the shaft. Using 4X decoding, we can obtain 12 pulses per rotation of the shaft. This corresponds to one pulse per 30 rotation of the shaft. The motor shaft is connected to a 1000:1 planetary gear box. The gear box reduces the speed and increases the torque at the load by a factor of thousand. The resolution of the gear shaft position is also increased by the same factor. Now, after 4x decoding, each pulse corresponds to 0.03 rotation of the gear shaft.

This was the infornation i got from data sheet and previous reports. i dont know exact name of encoder. motor datasheet iam attaching.initially i want to control in openloop with Arduino UNO
plz help me in programming it


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