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I am wanting to disable a shield plugged into my arduino (the wifi module) to save on power.
With the current setup my power source does not last a day as we are doing multiple wifi calls in a minute.

One solution that I have found is that one would be required to modify the hardware to include a regulator but find it hard to believe that this cannot be controlled by software.

The following are the mA readouts for our hardware:
Sleep Mode : 66
Idle : 80
Connected to wifi : 150
Servo Turn : 240

Uno on its own idle : ±30
Uno on its own sleep : ±20

We are using the following hardware:
- Arduino Uno R3
- Arduino WiFi shield
- 4 D-cell batteries
- 12kg Servo motor

Suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Have you looked at the schematic for the WiFi shield? Have you determined exactly how it gets power?

If you do, you'll see that the ATMega328 chip, where the software lives and can control the hardware, is not involved at all.
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You can save a lot of power by not using the development board at all:


In power-hungry situations I would design from the ground up to minimize power, and thus plugging a shield into a development board would not be the way to go.
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