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Hi everyone!

We're trying to get the word out on a new Arduino-based vehicle control system. Right now we're in the prototyping stage, but the basis of the project is to integrate new and exciting technology into your driving experience.

Love your vintage car, but also want access to newer vehicle technology like remote start, back up cameras, or proximity sensors? What about a fingerprint sensor to unlock and start your car? Maybe you'd like your car to send you a text message if the alarm is triggered, so it's not going off for an hour while you're in a movie. There's really no limit to what this stuff can do, and that's what this project is all about. Blake Wood, the brains behind our humble operation, has already outfitted his 1982 postal jeep with remote start and lights and blinkers, all controlled by a custom app on his iPad mini, which will eventually be mounted in his dash for easy vehicle control.

We plan to automate the entire Jeep, and with Arduino parts and software it should be pretty affordable. The programming for each component will be completely open-source and available to anyone who wants the technology. We will provide manuals and code, and programmers and DIYers will be able to customize the software and hardware components to their individual needs.

We have a campaign running on Indiegogo, and could use some help getting this project off the ground. Contributions of any size are helpful and appreciated, as well as "Likes," "Shares," and follows on Facebook and Twitter. We also have component control packages available for purchase from the campaign.

We would love some help from the Arduino and Open-Source communities!! Please check out our campaign!

You can find our Indiegogo campaign at http://igg.me/at/arduinocar or visit ArduinoCar.com for more information, videos about the project, and to find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your time and thanks in advance for your help!!

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