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Hello all,

I have been thinking about using a component in project.  After reading the datasheet I have a few questions for those of you who are more experienced than I am.  Here is what I have interpreted the pins on this component to be and would like to see where I am wrong or right.

The datasheet is here:

Vcc1:  This is the voltage that will be used when the current flows from pin 10 to pin 2 or pin 2 to pin 10.

Vcc2:  This is the voltage that will be used when the current flows from pin 10 to pin 3 or pin 3 to pin 10.

Vr:  This is the voltage that is used to compare the input for High vs. Low on the Inputs 1, 2, and 3.  I will be using a Mega to trigger this so I would use the 5V supplied by the board.

So if I want to run the motor with 12V I would hook 12V up to Vcc1 and 5V to the Vr.  If I also want to run the motor with 9V I would hook 9V up to Vcc2 and 5V to the Vr.

Am I even close in my understanding?  Thank you for your time.



It's not a very good data sheet, it is quite poorly written and it is no surprised you are having problems reading it.

Vcc1 is the positive of the power supply of the motor.
Vcc2 it is not at all clear from the data sheet that it is how you think it is. Note 3 implies it is less important than Vcc1.

Vr is not well explained at all. It appears as one of the parameter operating conditions and states:-
VR = 6V with respect to Pin8
As Pin8 is Vr that is a total nonsense.

Have a look and see if you can find a schematic using it. Otherwise contact the company and ask them for a real data sheet.

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