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Author Topic: Moving project from an Arduino Duelmilanove to a smaller board  (Read 872 times)
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As a project for an academy I played with Arduino. My groups project with Arduino blew the judges away. Now, our task is moving it from a Arduino Duelmilanove to a smaller board. I ordered a bunch of Arduino PCBs to play with but I fear it may not work.  Is there any tips or ideas that can help? Or any boards you know of to help? I don't know a lot about Arduino, only what I learned from building the project.

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How small do you want?
I've done these little '328P boards, no voltage regulator or onboard USB/Serial adapter.


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If you can solder then Crossroads boards are a good idea.

If you want a small Arduino but don't want to solder then your best options are:

The Nano - - basically the same thing as your Duemilanove but in a smaller form factor. I've been using the Nano as my go-to breadboard Arduino for several years now. No problems.

The Teensy - - 3 boards that are software compatible with the Arduino but use different CPUs. I got the Teensy 3.0 about a month ago and like it a lot.

The Pro Micro - - Similar to the Teensy 2.0. Never used it, but in general SparkFun knows what they're doing.

There are actually several others too -

Good luck!
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