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Does anybody have play around with Web cam zone trigger, and arduino.

http://°°downloadfull89.blogspot.com/2013/04/free-download-webcam-zone-trigger-pro.°°html(you might wanna erase the 2 extra spaces °°)

I´ve been doing some research about this software, and i found that this proggram aloud you to communicate with the serial, but im not quite sure how to do it.
if anyone have done something with it, or wanna to do something with it, would be nice if u post it!!!

(after playing)THEY WORK NICETOGATHER!!! :D


noone is gonna answer your post trust me from experience. why the 2 extra spaces in web address,  after you read the how to post in this forum thread, you could have just did this...



thanks for answering bro, the good thing about the internet is that you just have to look around and if u dont find aything here, u just go some other place :D!!!!


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