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Hello, im sorry to thread jack but i cannot find the button which will allow me to start a thread, but as you are talking about this  subject anyway i dont feel too guilty. i am planning to build a full sized remote control Dalek from Dr who and wish to use my sidewinder precision pro joystick for control of all of the functions from propulsion and navigation as well as head and eyestalk movement.  i already have the specific keymapping decided on so i do know its just a matter of reading the raw input data from the joystick and the arduino "translates" that into usable command information for the servos and motor etc.i will be riding inside it and already have otherissues worked out such as how to display the camera view so i can see where im going etc, but i am a COMPLETE noob. i havent even gotten an arduino yet but will be soon. please email me at (plain text spam magnets deleted by moderator) with sources of info and maybe tutorials so i can start to get a hang of this. thank you


i cannot find the button which will allow me to start a thread,

It's a control, very clearly labelled "new topic"
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Hello. i have a few projects in mind which are probably considered very advanced for a total noob but as a high functioning autistic is really the best way for me to learn. i have reviewed enough info about the "concepts" of various and sundry involved to have a very good working knowledge of the various aspects. its the actuan "nuts and bolts" of it that eludes me. my first project is a life size remote control Dalek from dr who. i am going to use a sidewinder precision pro joystick for the controller. i have the intended button mapping worked out for mobility control as well as head and eyestalk movement such as the actual up, down for forward and backward movement, left and right for head movement while the "swivel" function for turning the body. the "hat" button on the top of the stick will be for making the eyestalk move up down left and right and the A B C and D buttons for moving the weapon turret. i understand that its a simple matter of the Arduino "reading" the raw input data from the joystick and then "translating" that into usable command data. (over simplified explanation but thats what it boils down to). once i get this working its a simple matter of re-mapping the input to create my own motorizedwheelchair for my mother and even a few electric vehicle designs i have in mind. i also want to try building a support exoskeleton using muscle electrical sensors for movment assist just to see if i can. pleasehelp me with good info resources as well as which ardi might be best

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