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Guys, I want to parse data sent through the serial connection:

Here's the example sting:


It spits out other data with a different starting header, and I only want the $GPRMC data to be read, and sent to me. plus, I only want these data points:


Another problem is, is that the data should be expressed like this:

13 24.9294 & 121 35.8584

how do I get about this dilemma?

Thanks guys!



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You can try using strtok() function and use ',' as token if it is a real string (array of char null terminated).

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You could also look at (or use) the TinyGPS library which already knows how to parse GPS data.
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I used a regular expression to parse a similar (or identical) string from my GPS.


I was too lazy to work out dozens of strtok calls, so one regular expression call did it instead.

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