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Hi i need help on what to buy for my project
what i wont to do is make a token count down meter with a 16x2 display
it needs to have 3 microswitch inputs and 1 relay output

Key    MS= Microswitch

the display needs to show the following       Line 1(Mildura Clay Target Gun Club) Scroling across the display
                                                           Line 2(Clays Left 0) the 0 is the number of tokens left in this case 0 (Number zero)
when the unit powers on this allways needs to show Zero
when Zero is showing i need the relay to be powered down
when tokens are pressent the relay will be powered up
MS 1 will be programmed to add 26 tokens
every time MS 1 is trigged it adds 26 tokens to what ever is on the display so if there is example 10 tokens are left on the display and MS 1 is pressed it will add 26 to the 10 making 36 for example

MS 2 will be programmed to takeaway 1 token every time it is pressed
MS 3 will be programmed to takeaway 2 tokens every time it is pressed

iv added an image of a layout of what i wont to use but will still need help with the wiring and programming 
in the image is a Arduino UNO but it does not have to be that unit what ever works

i need this system to as simple as possible please let me know if you need anymore info
best regards


Hi i need help on what to buy for my project

This can be done with the items you show.
What is it you want us to do?
No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


hi im realy new to arduino so i need help with where to place all the wires and components and the making of the code to program the unit
best regards


Start here with the code example... It will get you 75% to your target.


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