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hi, currently im doing this project about balancing 3D inverted pendulum using web-camera on a moving cart . I'm on the implementation stage  at the moment and would like to use arduino uno (all the modeling and simulation have been done in matlab simulink).  so far i used openCV in C++ to measure the angle tilted by the pendulum and arduino uno to do the control (PID) .

1. how can i interface between C++ and arduino (read the angle from C++)
2. is arduino uno capable of doing the PID calculations
3. in my design , the output should be the speed of the motors  and position of the cart  . how can I archive  this in arduino ?  would i need to implement two pid function
4. do i need to implement  filter(kalman ) in the control..? as i have already implement one in the vision code (C++)

thanks in advanced


1) See InterfacingWithSoftware for plenty of examples.
2) http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/PIDLibrary
3) The balance is controlled by the PID; the position is just a command. I don't see how you'd control the position with a PID.
4) I don't think so.

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