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Dial Up modem's days are long gone but Land line still exists either in the form of home pbx or PSTN, An Arduino based Dial Up modem shield can be used for a lot of fun projects.
I'm no electronics expert but modem chips are already available with AT Command support

I think Arduino can produce this shield in no time what do you think?  :~


Potentially a good idea. Maybe better with the CX93011 serial version of the chip though.


Yes Serial based chips are also available It can open a whole new world to Arduino Telephony with more compatible shields like 4 port extension we can build a small  Arduino based home Telephone Exchange system with all sort of programing we want
If Arduino guys don't do it  then someone should put this project to KickStarter


Arduino Answering Machine/Caller ID - Cold caller blocker, take my money already. :D


Exactly,  possibility are unlimited lets hope someone to bring this Idea to life I emailed this to few shield designers lets see if they take some interest into it  ;)

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