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I understand from these posts that it is pretty easy to control the 8x8 matrix with the maxim chip.
so until the chip arrives from maxim..

I have a question - If I want to send the characters to the matrix LIVE , that means not send code and then disconnect arduino from the computer but have a small applet (visual c? flash?) that I can , for example type a letter into , and that letter would appear on the matrix display.

I understand we are dealing with the serialwrite() serialread().... but how to interface simply?

so - the problem is I know only visual C and basic , so I would need a few example programs if this has to be in other languages.
anyway pointers to example code would be GREATLY appreciated.

also a BIDIRECTIONAL LED MATRIX which can function as an input/output device has been demonstrated in make magazine and hackaday. (link soon) if anyone knows how to implement this in arduino it would be awesome! (even for 2-3 leds)

and keep up the good work


I made a connection to arduino using examples in 'arduino meets processing' and read a potentiometer.
also I used the 'hello world' program in the Flash site


but to see what arduino is writing I used -- windows hyperterminal..
is there a better way? hyperterm won't let me send , just recieve... and it hangs alot..

is there a demo in processing for sending AND recieving data simultaniously???

thanks Tom



look for Bray Terminal, a good freeware program for Windows that everyone should have. (and donate something to the guy's mission of keeping a good terminal working ;-) )



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