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I'm not affiliated with them, other than planning on becoming a member...but this weekend, November 16th (Saturday 11am - 4pm)), is the official grand opening/open house of the Chandler, Arizona TechShop!


I got lucky last Saturday, and had the chance (along with many others) to preview the place (hey, there was free pizza and beer, too)... :D

Anyhow - this place is amazing to say the least; the work area, the available machines (laser cutters, CNC galore, 3D printers, a CNC water jet cutter, vacuum mold machine, welders, plasma cutters, wood shop, metal shop, etc), the friendly and knowledgeable staff...

So - if you have a chance - and I know it doesn't say anything about it on the TS website (not sure why - they said it would be updated, but they are probably still pretty busy getting everything finalized).

At any rate, this is great time and opportunity to join and have access to tools, equipment, and knowledge that you won't easily find anywhere else; the access to the tools and equipment alone are worth the cost, period.

See you out there!
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I was just up in Tucson last week. WIsh I had seen this post, I would have made the drive.
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