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Topic: The Due uses the SAM3X8E... But can we compile for other chips? Which ones? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


...funny this post should come up about my old thread.

I actually have come to the descision to use the SAM3X8E - it's readily available, dosen't cost the earth and is compatible with the Arduino IDE which allows me to prove the hardware quickly, then move on to writing my actual code in Atmel Studio.

I'm sticking with the 3X8E for now, and may move elsewhere in the future when I've weened myself off the Arduino IDE completely....

...although, I am looking at the SAM3A4C at the moment for a project - USB Host and Device, SD card support & CAN still - also, much cheaper - £3.88 in 25 QTY from Mouser, vs £5.81 for the 3X8E...


I've weened myself off the Arduino IDE completely

Likewise, I used VS2008 with Visual Micro for some time but now AS6.1, it's cleaner with less Microsoft "baggage".

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SAM4E16 remains as a good choice. SAM4E-EK has recently been launched (March 2013 - $249). Why SAM4E? ask jtw11.


The SAM4E16E is a hugely powerful chip indeed - (copied from other thread)...

A number of reasons;

- integral FPU
- largest SRAM & flash of all the ARM MCUs
- highest number of timers

However, it still isn't readily available - Mouser are showing a 20 week lead time with a price of around £6-7 in QTYs of 100s. Certainly my application as it is now doesn't require it, and the SAM3A4C is looking a very good bet indeed.

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