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Topic: Fast sprites on ST7735 1.8" LCD (adaFruit and clones) (Read 2704 times) previous topic - next topic



I've gotten the 1.8" display to work with Due over hardware SPI but I'm not entirely satisfied with the speed of drawing. Drawing a simple fullscreen bitmap takes around 700ms, which is quite sluggish.

I believe that the solution to that is using sprites with the display, yet I haven't found any information on how to do that and whether thats even possible, whether thats an issue of the ST7735 driver or the very display in particular. Anyone got any info on that?



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The max SPI clock with the ST7735 is 16MHz, with 16bit color mode and 128x160 pixels would be written in ~20msec I guess. Double check your SPI frequency. It seems to me a driver issue (slow code).


The remedy to that is using setWriteAddr and then PushColor instead of looping through drawPixel. This is the way sprites are used here.



I have been trying to interface due with 1.8" adafruit tft shield for some time now,but havent been able to do so. Could u pls help me and give me some directions as to how to do it??

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