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Hi all.My UNO R3 refuses to connect to computer via usb.When I try to load a sketch ot says(avrdude: not in sync...).I've had the same issue before, but made it out just by reinstalling the ddrivers.Well from a few days this and anything other ill not work.The only solution left is to reinstall the atmega16u2 firmware.In oroder to do this I have to acces the DFU mode by the resseting the 16u2.
Like in a tale full of troubles, grounding the reset pin of the chip (the top left pin on the 6 pin header above the chip) results in.... nothing.
I am stuck.Please help me.


    Please help me too, I have the same problem, the arduino is not responding and I am 99% sure that the 16u2 is the problem. I want to write the firmware on it. I am using windows. I have installed flip. But the arduino is not seen by the computer. If I connect the reset to gnd nothing happends, the arduino doesn't enter in dfu mode. What can I do to save the board.


I am also facing the same problem please help someone ..  :~


Add me to the list!!!  I can't enter DFU mode on my Arduino Uno R3.  I can't communicate with the unit.  I can't update the drivers because the Uno doesn't communicate.



Why do you need to update the drivers? I've never done that.
Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Thanks!

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I think in my case the 16Mhz Crystal having problem .my uno is not detecting in device manager at all.


This problem seems to be more common than it should be.  My uno is also not detected in win7 and ububtu 12.04.



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You can Follow this tutorial for making your arduino UNO r3 enter DFU mode... I followed this tut in the link:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSXZMVdO5Sg
Description:ARDUINO- Upgrading USB FIRMWARE using FLIP
Solution to non responsive Arduino UNO.
This video explains how to upgrade the USB Firmware of Arduino UNO using the ATMEL's FLIP software. 

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