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I have founded an old MK3870 MCU and now I want connect to my Arduino 2009 to use 4 digital ports inside and simple ESA Code. Maybe the problem is connect CMOS TTL port 4 and STROBE pins at Arduino or maybe convert at I2C by DAC0808 if is possible....?! :smiley-eek-blue:

I ask help if is possible to connect so different technology  :smiley-roll:


The MK3870 is a Mostek version of the fairchild F8.  It's program memory is ROM based, which means you can't erase or reprogram it at all.  Development was done with a special version that took a "piggyback" EPROM and cost a small fortune:

Unless your chip already contains code designed to make it acts as a peripheral to some other micro, you might as well use it for jewelry.


thanks for your reply!  :)

I wish use a Mostek MK3870 for use your 4 port 8 bits to connect any devices...
For example I would try connect him at an PIC 18F4620 or similar to make a DUMP code.
Also a CD4066 MUX switch can be util with a pair of LM317 to receive correct input Vin.
I'm searcing about but I can't found none Arduino Project...maybe TTL/CMOS value are not compatible...I don't know about these!


I don't understand what you're trying to do.  The circuit you show (described more fully here: http://www.seanriddle.com/f8.html ) is for reading the ROM contents of the 3870 and dumping them to a serial port, so that they can be used in an emulator, or analyzed/reverse-engineered for the purpose of replacing the 3870 in various Arcade games and similar.  It doesn't permit the 3870 to be reprogrammed, or become a peripheral for the PIC...

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