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i coped the code from http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=177551.msg1322776#msg1322776nothing similarity but but the code below is  using 2 commands  of light senser after a interval i want it to accept 5 commands with interval and light pin 13 to a given period of time ,actually i will  place a old phone on the light senser and give 5 miss call  after a interval of time making the relay to switch on

Code: [Select]
[code]///////Define Pins
int sensepin = 0;
int ledpin =13;
int Counter1 = 0; //Relay closed seconds counter
int Counter2 = 0; //Relay closed minutes counter
int Counter3 = 0; //Relay open seconds counter
int Counter4 = 0; //Relay open minutes counte
void setup() {
 pinMode (ledpin, OUTPUT);  //The LED pin needs to be set as an output

void blinkonce ( ) {
 delay(900000);//delay(1800000)= HALF HOUR ,,,delay(900000)IS 15 MIN


void loop() {

   delay(80000); // delay for of time
  int val = analogRead(sensepin);
   Serial.println (val);
 if (val >10 )  //if the value is (val > 70)?
  // read the state of the relay value:
  sensepin = digitalRead(sensepin);
 // check if the relay is closed.
  if (sensepin == LOW) {    
      delay(80000); // delay for of time
      Counter1++; //Increment seconds closed counter
         if (Counter1 > 10){
     Counter2++; //Increment minutes closed counter
     Counter1 = 0;}//Reset seconds closed counter
     delay(60000); // delay for of time
    }while (sensepin == LOW);//Continue until relay opens
       if (sensepin == HIGH){ //Print the total minutes closed
       Serial.print("Minutes On: ");
       Counter2 = 0;
  // read the state of the relay value:
  sensepin = digitalRead(sensepin);
 // check if the relay is open.
  if (sensepin == LOW) {    
   // turn LED off:    
    digitalWrite(sensepin, LOW);
     delay(60000); //delay for of time
      Counter3++; //Increment seconds open counter
    delay(1000); //Wait one second
    if (Counter3 > 10){
     Counter4++; //Increment minutes off counter.
     Counter3 = 0;}//Reset seconds off counter
      sensepin = digitalRead(sensepin);
    }while (sensepin == LOW);//Continue until relay closes
       if (sensepin == HIGH){ //Print the total minutes open
       Serial.print("Minutes Off: ");
       Counter4 = 0;//Reset minutes off counter
   delay(60000); //delay for of time



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