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hi i bought a gsm TC35I module
ive conected it up
using ardunio grnd / tx /rx 

its not saying "OK" or anything
the TC35I schematic is in chinese and not verry help full but there is a pl2 jumper
anyideas ?


Did you use the pins that goes to the DB-9 connector on the picture you posted? In this case you may have destroyed your Arduino because it doesn't accept RS232 voltages (up to -/+15V), the Arduino's max voltage is 5V. Please post a picture of your actual wiring, maybe we can help you more then.


the ardunio still lives  :smiley-roll:

the tx on the ardunio is going to the rx on the gsm module
the gsm modules tx is going to the ardunios rx
the ground is grounded to the ardunio uno

on the back of the board there are pin settings
1-3 6-8 GSM-PC
2-4 5-7  MCU-pc       
3-5 4-6 GSM - Mcu <<< i think i this means comms between a gsm and microcontroler

and on the front there are AUTO/IGT/MANUAL  ( i removed pin just for pic )

i hope this helps in solving something :  )
thanks for trying


I guess your interpretation of the signals is correct (at least I would come to the same conclusion).

Can you make a picture of the whole board (front and back)? It might help guessing the rest of the board schematics.


heres front and back pics
i uploaded some pdf files to dropbox that ive read im just not sure what im missing
one pdf is the schematics
thanks in advance : )


I don't think that these pictures show a Siemens TC35i. Do you see any similarity between the pictures in the manuals and the pictures you posted? One of the pictures is very blurred, I cannot read anything. Can you make a sharper one?


sure i removed the voice module this time it might be why it looks different
was sold as a tc35i with voice module

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