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hi every body

i wants to start a new project so i need some instruction

my goal is to work with Arduino GSM Shield

i have a sim card buy which i can send money from it to another one by inserting this code for example in my phone 

*100*the amount $$ * the phone number of a freind for ex  #

when i push the calling bottom the  amount of  money will be send  to the number

i explained this when using a phone

i wants to do this using our lovely arduino

so that i will  be able to send money form a sim card and gsm shield and a small screen

i awnts to start with this until i will be able to create a vending machine which send money to phones

i will put coin  "money " on that machine then enter the number which i want to send to and all this will be automatically

your  replies will be a pleasure for me

and if there is one who is interrested and ready to do this job for me he/she is welcome
this is my email : ikaz4ever@gmail.com

thank you for reading this post


@ikaz4ever:  Welcome.

It may not be simple, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wire_transfer
Cellular service is over frequencies licensed from the FCC in the U.S.

However, what you are describing is a kind of work-flow process that will require considerable thinking; for example, what happens if the other device does not answer?  What happens in the cellular network is down?  How do you audit?  How do you ensure transfer and subsequent consumption/usage/deposit/etc.?

Big companies spend big bucks on similar business-to-business (B2B) systems.  You may wish to google 'B2B Money Transfer" to get an idea of the scope of the issue.



thank you my freind for this  reply and well explanation

i think that i didn t know exactly how to present the idea

in my country i can recharge my phone credit  from a small credit card

for example i have 100 usd on my phone after charging

now i can use this amount to call or i can send it again to a freind using my phone

some sellers start to sell this money

for example they sell 100 usd for 110 usd

they send it from the sim card and using  the phone

for example i write this code in my phone

*100*+1986532*100 "usd" #  and then make a call
my freind will receive a msg tell him that he received a credit in his phone he can use it now to call or send sms
my idea is that i want to make it automatically using arduino


now i can use this amount to call or i can send it again to a friend using my phone

OK, I get the general idea... there is a "fee" associated with the 1st transaction that represents a "cost" and after that cost, you could then subsequently send all or part of the amount to another number...
So, for example, if your SIM had a 100 credit, you could send a portion of this amount, maybe 20, to another SIM leaving you with a net of 80 to use or resell.

Interesting.  I suspect that the SIM card ID number is the being used something like this: https://www.xoom.com/
Or, like this: https://www.getbankingdone.com/#surepay

I have no experience with this technology, previous B2B was between businesses using encryption.  My "feeling" is that an applicaton will be required on the GSM side (smartphone) to broker the transfer and ensure that the receiving side is credited and the sending side is debited and all the time ensuring that this is done via a smooth hand-off of funds... that is, one certainly WOULD NOT want the receiving side to be credited PRIOR to the sending side being debited ... that would be like printing money!  In the same thought, one would NOT want the sending side to be debited unless the receiving side was credited.  Thus, an application must be doing the handshake.

In my belief, such a complex application is unfit for an Arduino.  However, an Arduino could be used to simulate the user input (security code, amounts, etc.) in an automated fashion so that the Arduino would be acting like a typist ... to the cellphone software.  I just do not believe the Arduino can broker such a complex session to the GSM modem directly.  Much more would need to be known before a final decision could be made, however.



thank you again mr mrburnette

the idea is verry simple it looks complex

i want only to stimulate  my action when i send the money to my freind by using my phone

i wants to replace my phone by a gsm shield + a sim card


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For the community, I want to summarize the PM regarding this subject...

For a monetary transfer to happen (credits in this case) some mechanism must manage the process... The debit/credit issues between two units identified by the SIM card... That is, credits are "tied" to the SIM and not the handset.

We see this happen all the time with prepaid cellular.  However, ikaz4ever is describing a credit transfer (real funds) between two SIM cards numbers based upon the telephone number of the receiver.  Obviously, more must be going on and must be processing in a secure environment.

One may imagine that the two logical processing environments would be the handset (it has encryption capability and a CPU to run an application) or the GSM carrier providing the mobile service.  As handsets are varied and have different OS's and are not "physically secure" the most likely place for all the processing to occur is the mobile carrier's facility.

IF the magic is totally SIM-card based, then all an Arduino would need to do is create the end-user message and use a GSM modem + SIM card that has the appropriate credit.  Such a system could be constructed using the Arduino GSM library: http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/GSM and then tested.

Sometimes there is just no other way to work-in-the-dark other than to create a test case(s).



i want to make a simple machine for  using arduino + gsm shield

+ a coin acceptor

when a person will insert money on the coin acceptor the gsm shield will send a message to a phone number
and i wants also that the machine will give the change and count money

the machine will be an sms sender for a mount of money
thank you for advance
i hope to hear from professional soon


help please

why people always read and do not answer


why people always read and do not answer

1) If your subject title had been more descriptive many of them may have passed it over. They were curious, that's all.
2) Maybe they figure your objective grandiose.
3) Maybe they don't have an answer.

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2 things . . . I can't be anybody's brother, and 6 Minutes and expecting an answer is unrealistic face to face never mind on a public forum. For your demanding and sexist  attitude, a can give you the code, but you can stick it . . . . . where ever you want
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06:41:30 am: i hope to hear from professional soon
06:47:39 am: why people always read and do not answer

You gotta be shitting us.

i want to make a simple machine

How is this a "simple machine", it seems reasonably complex to me.

The mechanics alone is a huge job unless you already have a machine you can hack. Is that the case? Is the coin accepter a module you can buy? If so that will help a lot, but how will you dispense change?

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Thanks for the IDEA! ,I'm taking it.
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